3 poses for unforgettable sex

Emancipation in love joys is not yet a guarantee of a rich sexual life. The main thing is the novelty and originality of ways of mutual satisfaction. There are three top positions for sex that differ in non-standard, offered by Western experts. These options diversify the love games of any couple.

3 poses for unforgettable sex

The first pose is «corner». The two of you sit in a corner. In this case, the man should sit down, and the partner should lie on his legs and wrap them around. This position is comfortable for both, especially for a woman as her clitoris is completely open for caresses.

The second pose is «In a viceм. The couple buys handcuffs and expertly puts them to use. There are many options for how to diversify sex with their help. For example, handcuffs are placed on a woman, she stands, and a man freely performs sexual intercourse with her. Either the partner is shackled «In a vice»‎ let's say, with his hands to the bed and his companion has the opportunity to be as active as possible in sex.

And the third pose is «At the peak of emotions». You go to a public place and have sex standing up. This will definitely provide incredible emotional states. However, you need to choose the place correctly. If you are detected by the guards of order, you will have to forget about the pleasure.

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