How much sex does it take to conceive a child?

Doctors and scientists recommend that ladies who dream of children completely change their own intimate life. The main thing is to have sex without contraception as often as possible.

How much sex does it take to conceive a child?

The corresponding article is published in the German special edition «Freundin». According to researchers, spermatozoa fertilize the egg only at a certain time – during ovulation.

This means that a couple of days before this time (and after a couple of days), you need to constantly have sex with ejaculation in the vagina.

If sex is not so constant, then the immune system of the fairer sex is already automatically protected from any external stimuli, among which it does not allow spermatozoa to eggs. With constant sex, the immune system becomes weaker and it turns out the representatives of the fairer sex to be much more likely to get pregnant.