Spanking and pleasure: what is spanking

Spanking is not a modern invention. Light spanking in sexual games was practiced in ancient times.


If at least once you received a slap on the ass from a man, then you are already familiar with this practice.

Usually such slaps are not strong; they do not leave any bruises or abrasions. But such entertainment can not yet be attributed to BDSM. This is not flagellation, as some people believe.

Spanking can be translated into Russian as hand slapping. Thus, no items are used for this practice. If you use, for example, a whip, and make the slaps more intense, this will already be flagellation. In BDSM practices flagellation is accompanied by a linking or putting on handcuffs.

But spanking has its own rules. Only if you follow these rules you may make spanking enjoyable for both partners. So, to make you feel good, consider the following:

There is nothing shameful about this practice. Many people can't accept this kind of sexuality. However, the practice is very common. In other words, there are a lot of people with exactly the same needs. And if you have such needs, that's fine. The main thing is to find, as they say, your partner who will share your sexual hobbies with you. Do not be afraid to talk with your partner about this. It may be that he/she has long dreamed of such a practice, but is afraid to say it.

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