Why sex disappears and how to bring it back

Research has shown that most couples devote one day a week to having sex.

sex disappeared in a family

Sexual activity depends on the age of the partners and their health. Also it depends on the duration of their relationship.

Chanel 24 reports that Canadian scientists studied 117 heterosexual couples and asked them about their sexual disagreements. The main issue is sexual temperament.

People have different libido and most couples have sex as often as the partner with a higher sexual drive wants. Sex researcher Michel Castelman reported the following results of the surveys.

These numbers are based on 6785 interviewed American couples.

Education is also an important aspect. People who have higher education have sex most often. People who don’t have secondary education have sex less often then all other groups of respondents. Those who have got a scientific degree make love less often then those who don’t.

People in non-official marriage make love more often than couples who are married officially. Having children and pregnancy doesn’t affect the frequency of sexual contacts among family couples. Only 20 out of 100 couples noted changes in their sex schedule.

In every third couple who come to sexologists, women want sex more than men do. Women feel bad because they consider it wrong.

In such cases psychologists suggest

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